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This is a list of cities in Merchants of Kaidan.

Town Description
Abandoned tower An abandoned keep is built over the right arm of the Kresta river. Since the day that a mysterious disease killed everyone, not even the bravest ones come here. There are even warning signs scattered nearby.
Afvung It may be a part of the Empire, but Afvung looks hostless. And it smells terrible. All because of the hides.
Alokai Ugly Alokai is certainly not visited for it's beauty. In here you can consult the famous witch - Weeha.
Ano Batta Don't get deceived by Ano Battas' inhabitants' smiles. They are cunning like red dragons.
Asmor Asmor looks like a typical port city, but there is no other like this. It's famous for its magnificent shops, lively inns and an atmosphere of constant joy. A big part of the joy is thanks to students from around the Kingdom, who come the local school of magic and charms.
Cromlech An ancient stone ring situated on a meadow. Weird events plague this place. One time 5 Neboro men traveling to Ubente camped here. They vanished without a trace. Whatever took them, left their belongings, coins and even clothes untouched.
Crystal Mine L'ain mountains are known for deposits of rare crystals and jewels. It's often visited by the mags of Nortifore. Well the shallow parts at least. The depths are inhabited by some kind of a monster. No one ever returned from there.
Dalka Dalka is just problems. Toll on every bridge. Stoppage fee. They would even sell their mothers for trigons.
Dunlaar A peaceful agricultural city - Dunlaar - lies within colorful fields and olive groves. Famous for it's exquisite cuisine, especially cheese and poultry. A famous gardening school lies in here. And while the topic may seem boring to some, specialist that study here have world-famous cooking skills.
Dwarfen Mine Legen says it's an old crystal mine, founded by exiled dwarfs from the East. Other's say that it was started when peasant Jozeph dropped a 5 trigon coin into the crevice. No matter what is true, something bad lives in there.
Fasbam These idiots from Fasbam must have became stupid. They could make a lucrative business on their wine if only they had the wits.
Fresta Even though Fresta is located on the coastline, it's mainly an agricultural center. All thanks to exceptionally fertile soil between Fresta and Hira. The biggest pride of Fresta is naval school operating for more than 400 years. You'll of course also find a tasty fish here.
Gira In Gira is known for it's exceptionally tasty water. It may sound like nothing, but the taste is indescribable. I always stay at Gira when I have chance.
Gonot Gonot is worth visiting after the grape harvest. Inhabitants hold Wine Celebrations that take no less than 10 days.
Hyav Hyav lies on a same-named island, despite being a part of the Kingdom. Hyav enjoys a huge autonomy. The house of Coren has been ruling here for generations. Besides that, Hyav is famous for its beautiful handmade carpets.
Irgendvung Hidden between dense forests, Irgendvung floats wood down the river to Vergotto.
Laanti The northernmost village of the Kingdom. It was founded by diamond seekers.
Letari South of Letari hot springs are located. They are worth a one day detour if your back aches.
Lighthouse The lighthouse on Lidd cape is certainly an unpleasant place to stay. No one s mad enough to travel between Maali i Laanti at night. Sailors brought news of mysterious flashes of light coming from the ruins and screams and moans when the night is windless.
Maali Maali inhabitants are known for their hospitality and time passes slowly. The art of weaving carpets is passed down from mothers to daughters, and the prices are usually lower than in Hyav.
Mine Yerguli Abandoned diamond mine. The deposits were all mined so no one is visiting. Local people warned you that something terrible took the mine as a home, some kind of demon.
Mines of Klashr Some say that the mine was founded by the barbarian shamans, searching for the mythical stone and that they drilled right through the mountains. Others that they were trying to get to the female monastery lying on the mountain. We can't find out as long as the monster lives here.
Muddy Mine Vast mines in the Rainy Mountains are the attracting diggers from around the Kingdom. It's here where Star of Kaidan - the biggest diamond ever was founded. Nowadays the mine is home to a monstrocity.
Nar Built ages ago to keep the borders of the Empire. Today Nar is past it's former glory. The city survives only thanks to trading with Hath.
Narheym Narheym was once the nominal capital of the old falling Empire. Vicinity of the blooming city of Vergotto has terrible effect on the city's economy. However, an old military school that operates here still has fantastic reputation.
Neboro If you ever heard of Ignatius, than you heard of Neboro, where he settled. You may not know it, but he used to be a merchant, like us.
Nortifore An old monastery situated on the mountainside. Nortifore is a residence of High Council of the Trigonate Priests. It runs a school for civil servants of the king.
Orse You don't want to come close to Orse when the river midges are hatching. I can't understand why they want to live here.
Ovoros Orvos - a magnificent capital and the seat of Merchant's Guild. Spreading across 12 islands it's certainly the most beautiful city in Kaidan. He who once saw it's beauty, will always want to come back.
Parnu There really is nothing of interest in here. Just continue to Zamco.
Ranta Well kept roads are the pride of Ranta.
Reshun Hath managed to mould something in a shape of a city. They even have an inn but the liquors there are worse than Llayak piss.
Rochty They say that Rochtas' people are passionately fond of fur-less rabbit racing.
Rosuvio The only thing that you can say about Rosubio, is that the most ugly people live there. They should be forbidden from exiting their houses during daytime.
Satio Located at the foot of L'ain Satio mountains. It doesn't look like, but it is a fairly rich settlement.
Sea fortress Monumental ruins of an old sea castle. It's black stone walls can be seen even from Hira. They say it's now a pirate hideout, but no one likes to talk about it in Vorbo, they only want to talk about fish.
Seetch Seetch is a group of high volcanic rocks, two days sail north from Narheym. Surrounded by shallows and deathly rocks hidden just beneath the surface, it's almost an unbreechable castle. That's where the pirates settled.
Sharsuun You can barely call it a village, yet Sharsuun is inhabited by these creates from Hath. They even have a repair shop, imagine that!
Siltarra Located on an island with the same name, Siltarra connects to the mainland by two stone bridges. A giant tower dominates the city. Siltarra translates to the white tower in the Old-Kaidaneese.
Stone temple Stone stairs over the Darnu precipice. No one knows where they lead as the building was taken over by the sea. Rubble lying around, hides entrances to hidden cellars. They say that he who stays here for too long, gets blind.
Timiva In the forests near Timiva the thickest tree I've ever seen is growing. You have to see it. Anyone can take you there for 50 trigons.
Tunengann The city of seven locks - through which the fluta river flows. Tunengann colorful and well-kept, but its inhabitants prefer to keep to themselves and the streets are desolate.
Urgune A mining city laying in the Rainy Mountains. Wealthy with ore and diamonds that local mines excavate. A mining school operates here, teaching optimal techniques to be the students. Only the weather is rainy.
Vane hoz Amazing Vane hoz lies on the slope on an active volcano. Fields of olive groves and vineyards, spreading around the city. They say that there is no better wine than the one from Vane hoz. The city is also a place of the first air ships built by the Vigle brothers. To this day, an aviation school resides here.
Varerg In the past an enterprising city, aspiring to become the next capital, nowadays an impoverished city at the Kingdoms' borderlands.
Vergotto Vergotto - one of the most important centers of trade in the Kingdom. You have to visit the great harbour and taste the famous salty focaccias.
Verno Verno is a settlement lying at the foot of a dormant volcano. On it's top, a huge fire burns at nights, signalling treacherous rocks to the sailors travelling nearby.
Vorbo Seetch lies in close neighborhood of Vorbo. I bet Vorbosians also have their hands as well.
Wine storage An old burned wine storage with half-buried cellars. Once you could enter them with a cart. They say this place is haunted. The owner used to murder his guests and added their blood into the wine. He said it gave him strength and vigor.
Yavli Small Yavli carries all the transport between Asmor and Hyav. The road is in terrible condition and people are rude and gruff.
Zamco Zamco is famous for one thing. You can't find better spices than here. The secret of it is well kept, we only know that some of the spices are grown in the caves beneath Zamco.